IMPORTANT: Please read these Policies

POLICIES REGARDING SERVICES: These Policies are to keep my work uncomplicated and simple. Please do not ask for exceptions to these policies.

1. All services will be in cash only (no credit cards or personal checks).

2. No payments, discounts, or other "deals" please.

3. Please do not request free services or "charity" work for yourself or others as this only leads to more such calls from others which I cannot handle time-wise or energy-wise.

4. Referrals from you are given out of your concern for others. There are no discounts or tradeoffs for referrals.

5. There are no "family discounts" or "group discounts."

6. No refunds have ever been requested, even so, there are No Refunds after the work is completed as this would imply a claim to treat a physical, emotional, mental, or other condition.

7. If there is a "change of mind" and you wish your payment returned before the deletion/imprint your payment will be happily and immediately returned to you.

8. If you wish to email me concerning your experience please do so. This will leave my phone free for the calls I need to make. If it is appropriate I will call you regarding the session after its completion. If you do not use internet or email please limit your calls to one (1) and always leave a message if I am not able to talk your call at that time. If your call is not returned with 7 days you may call again and leave a message.

9. If possible, please review the "Services" page of my website before calling. This is very important. This will give you information you need for this work and help up address your specific situations.