This includes deleting negative imprints before your birth to present time. These imprints/frequencies may include and are not limited to: Pain, traumas, virus, fungus, candida, causes of symptoms related to fibromyalgia or other so-called disease frequencies. The list could cover pages. Also included may be frequencies of surgeries, scar tissue, whiplash, sciatica, hot flashes, migraines, etc., The list is endless. You list your symptoms and negative physical occurrences in our life, the possible effects of the Transformation Process are multiplied into Infinity due to the nature of this process.

  • #2 Inharmonious BirthChart Deletion: $350.00 

This includes deletion of all negative aspects to degrees, houses, planets, fixed stars, asteroids, and all existing not yet discovered solar/cosmos/universe bodies, planets, aspects, etc. This deletes all past/present/future related to any and all of these. This includes and retrogrades. This also includes all negative/inharmonious transits past and their effect, transits past/future/present and their negative effects. This session/deletion is for the main purpose of eliminating the re-occurring of past re-occurring situations, and for the deletion of these "non-harmonic patterns" in the mind/emotions/body/ psyche/ etc. The hope is for a more progressively positive life and the deletion of any negative "cosmic" influences of the present such as Pluto conjunct Saturn transit, Saturn conjunct Uranus transit, Uranus square Pluto transit, etc. If you chose this deletion process please do not ask for a description of all of the effects of these transits or others as this is not necessary and is very time consuming.

  • #3 Pets/Animals/Horses/Other Creatures:  $220.00 

Comprehensive Treatment:

This treatment includes Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Toxicity Imprint deletions for any pet or animal of your choosing.

Pets and animals suffer immensely especially when they have not been taken care of properly and many time just from pesticide or chemical poisoning.  You may have found an animal or bird that is sick or injured or your own pet/animal may have chronic problems, or a broken wing, or leg or other damage and no one can seem to help.

If this is your and your pet/creatures situation then perhaps this protocol is what you have been looking for.

Many of these creatures have been injured in confrontations with other creatures, have had mental, emotional, and physical damages and are now in pain in many ways.  Many of them have come in contact with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, other chemicals, molds and allergens.  These pets may be sickly, have runny/bleary eyes, are down in their hindquarters (kidney imbalance frequencies or injury),  and sleep much of the time.

Although I cannot make a claim, it is my expectation that these pets/creatures will begin to be more vibrant, energetic, healthier looking.  When this occurs you cannot help but notice the difference.  I personally did this for a bedraggled sick and injured looking tomcat that continually came around.  This cat became beautiful, furry, and had the look of a healthy lion-looking golden tomcat within 3 months.  I will never forget this.

Perhaps you have horses and you wish to consider this work for them.  They cannot talk to us, but with this distance muscle testing kinesiology work of physics and beyond I can "so to speak" talk to them to find out the frequency cause of their situations and delete the entire blueprint and imprint the harmonious opposite of their situation.   If you want your horse or thoroughbred to look and be healthier and even run faster then perhaps this is a work that you might consider.

Entire Process: $220.00

    • #4 Consciousness Deletion $580.00 

    This is a deletion of all past/present/future negative consciousness imprints from your voice, body, emotions, "spiritual", psyche, etc., This deletes beyond time. If you want to change your consciousness this is a treatment for you. Why keep working at it for 10-20-30-40 or more years. Time to stop working and become "being." You can stop trying to be in the moment/the now/the present/ and truly be "in the moment."

    • #5 BIRTHCHART INPUT: $495.00 

    This is the input of harmonies into your birth/life/existence imprint. If you are tired of your life, fed up with your life, actually "hate" the reoccurring patterns happening again and again and perhaps even hate the life you were born with then this input after the BirthChart Deletion is more than highly suggested. This will input into the Blueprint/Pattern of your birth harmonies and balance with the augmentation of all harmonious aspects to make them even more powerful and harmonious. After this session you will watch your life begin to change.

    These Blueprints and Frequencies are deleted at the spiritual, physical, atomic, and spiritual photon levels.


    -Enhance Harmonious Aspects
    -Enhance Harmnious Transits
    -Input House Harmonies
    -Input and Enhance Harmonious Relationships
    -Enhance Harmonious Health Aspects

    This is a harmonization of you with all other things and creatures, life itself, and the universe and beyond. Everything is a relationship and the more you are in harmony with everything around you, the more harmonious and happy your life will be. This includes and is not limited to mates, co-workers, children, ,"bosses", everything around you, and everyone in your life. This treatment/session includes the input of all deficient or lacking colors. The lack of colors will create a multitude of mental/emotional/physical/spiritual/etc., disease symptoms. With the implantation of these I have seen miracles. If you desire information on colors you may want to search for "Life Colors" on the internet or in your bookstore. This is not to be compared to visualizing. This is actual permanent "Imprinting." This is permanent. You do not have to do anything more with colors.

    • #7 Residential Property and Happiness $600. Business Properties and Unlimited Financial Successes $1,200. Both may be done for $1600 (a discount of $200) 
    • This is a permanent deletion of the Negative Imprint of Your Residence, all who have ever lived there, and all items in your residence. This is all-inclusive. Bad people could have lived where you live, terrible things could have happened there, the birth of your residence could have imprints that will destroy all of your attempts to happiness where you live. All of this is deleted with this session. It will not be there. It will be erased like a chalkboard. Clean! When you walk in you will actually find that you like being there. With your Business Property (whether it is a home or commercial office) success will be implanted. All of the poverty/negative blueprint will be deleted permanently, and if you are going to be a success you will be a success. This treatment also includes a permanent deletion/positive imprint on/for the person operating the business. All negativity, fears, insecurities, "I can't be a success" blueprints will be deleted. This is no small inharmonic deletion. I have done this work on myself and my work and am now becoming accepted and known around the world. This works. Be prepared for the changes.

    • #8 Success In Life Input: Inputs the Frequencies of Success and Deletes the Frequencies of Failure: $750.00
      *Includes RESTORATION OF

    Imprints success into your life. Deletes any residuals that are holding you back whether mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, or otherwise. This session can be done when other treatments that may not be affordable and with amazing results. This imprints success frequencies for dealings with people, clients, competitors. It imprints the belief of success, the belief of success, and knowing of success.

    • #9 All of the above protocols $3700.00. (This is a $400 discount) This does not include the #4 Pets/Animals/Horses/Other Creatures protocol. 

    *******Follow-up sessions if needed or desired are $135.00******* 
    • All Inclusive Deletion/Imprint/and Reprogramming 
      This is a transforming process so that you are allowed changes instantly and progressively. Changes that last. The effects of this process exceeds all other process. The effects are multiplied almost 20 times with the Transformation Process.
      Deletions will include: 
    • #1 Deletion of all Mutation, Negative, and inharmonious Frequencies and Blueprints in Photons and the Spirit of Photons at the at the Atomic Torsion Fields.


      #2 Deletion of all Negative and Mutation Frequencies and Blueprint Frequencies of Genes, Chromosomes, Atoms, and Photons.


      #3 Deletion of Frequencies of all Atom Structure which lead to Genetic Mutilation Frequencies and Generational Blueprints. 

      #4 Harmonious Emotional Freedom
      #5 A More Harmonious Life
      #6 Powerful Harmonious Changes in Every Area of Your Life
      #7 Confidence in Your Career or Work and Increased Opportunities and Successes
      #8 Confidence With Clients and People in Business Situations. A Belief In and A Knowing of Success
      #9 A Harmonizing of Relationships: Personal, Social, Business, Etc.



    If we understand that the Mutilation of our Atoms, Photons, and the Spirit of our Photons are the Ultimate Cause of our so-called "disease symptoms" and that these have occurred through a multitude of preceding generations and passed on to us, then we can understand that the deletion of these Mutilation Frequencies and Imprints and the Subsequent Harmonization of our Being and Consciousness which links into our Physical Embodiment can put us into a State of Being of Un-encumberment where our Entire Being: Body, Mind, Emotions, etc. has been freed to  heal and restore instantly in most areas and over a period of time in others with most symptoms probabaly disappearing immediately.  

    This is not a claim of some treatment of some so-called disease but is only a deletion of the Ultimate Frequency Cause of the Symptoms that cause Suffering in Our Lives.


    If you are suffering in every or any area of your life this protocol is a possible suggestion for you.  If your life is falling apart and no one has been able to help you this protocol may be a consideration for you.

    May you make all of the appropriate decisions in and for your life and know that you are the one who is ultimately responsible for the directions and decisions you make in your life. Always make only ourself responsible for the decisions, directions, and choices you make as you move forward in every area your life.

    Disclaimer: No specific claims are made for this process. It is a deletion of negative imprints and a harmonization process. Each person is different with different and specific goals and aspirations and needs. Any results that anyone may claim to experience or have may be considered appropriate to their own being and life path. Individual needs and goals may vary with each person.

    *This is a progressive 20 day process.

    Total for this process: $7,200 

    • #11 Communication & Accomplishment (If you are tired of not being listened to or appreciated).  $1450.00 

    The Ways of Communicating/Accomplishing procedures are only done at any point after the #2 Inharmonious BirthChart Deletion and #6 BirthChart Input have been completed.
    This is the deletion of Negative Imprints of ways of communicating and accomplishment with harmonious imprints and restructuring of the blueprints for accomplishment skills & abilities. These new blueprints are then harmonized and activated on all levels. This energizes the new blueprint and sets the stage for the most positive results.
    These new blueprint/imprints are then imprinted into your birth frequencies, harmonized, and then energized.

    • # 12 Inharmonious Personality Imprint Deletion With Harmonious Personality and Communication Imprints. $720.00 

    Our personality can keep us from many things in life from being able to get the right job, being liked and thus successful in our profession, problems in family relationships and communication, and or interpersonal relationships such as romance, love and marriage.

    We may be born with "glitches" in our personality from the past and/or have developed these problems during the events of a lifetime.

    If you are not likable to any degree it is to that degree you will be limited in the areas of being with and working with others in the directions of your life where you are focused and situations in which you find yourself.

    This #14 protocol does not of course guarantee you successes or the obtaining of your desires, but it does delete the negative format/blueprint that underlies your "way of being" with others. You should be able to make and see changes in your ways of relating and communicating and sometimes be surprised at the way your are communicating/relating that is unlike the way you were.

    This is of course not just a deletion of the negative frequencies/blueprints but is an input of new imprints of ways of being that are harmonious to relating and relationships.

    The most harmonious protocols are first doing the #2 Inharmonious BirthChart Deletion followed with the #6 BirthChart Input and then the #14 listed and described here, although this is not required.

    •  #13 Living in the Present 

    A deletion of the desire to "live in the past." An imprinting of the desire to live in the moment and to be in the present."

    Most people are living in either the past of old dreams, past loves, things "I should have done," Things "I could have done," things "I did wrong," "why didn't I's," "I should have's," what "might have beens," what would my life be like "if," etc., etc.

    Most people are also living in the future or what they 'think they want" for the future. They are living in "What will I do," where will I go," "will I meet the right person," "will I make the wrong decisions (again)," "shoulds, coulds, maybes, fears", "which direction" to take, "what decisions" to make, in brief, "simply living in confusion" and not truly living and enjoying their life and it's experiences.

    Virtually everyone is living in the past and the future and not fully in the present time. If you are not in the present moment you are not really living. Neither the past nor the future exists. The past can never exist again, and the future is really always the present and can only exist in the moment. Your future is now. Your living in the now the present time is your future.

    The question to ask yourself is: "Do I want to live in the nostalgic past or the non-existant future or do I really want to live and experience my life now.

    This Session: $480.00

    • Protocol #14 YOUR NUMBERS: Birth Numbers, Name Numbers, Happiness Numbers, Life Numbers 

    Numbers make up everything! If you are born with negative numbers in your Birthdate or in your Being, and are Given A Name which is Toxic to Your Life, your Path in Life, your Purpose in Life, your Desires in Life, your Ability to have Harmonious Relationships, and your Ability to acquire All Elements of Prosperity (love, money, etc.) in your life, then you can be assured of a life of difficulty in all of these areas and any other areas where your life/being has toxic numbers. Even your cells have numbers which can be either harmonious to or toxic to your life.



    All blueprints/imprints/frequencies that occurred and were thought to be indelibly put into your being and life can now be erased forever from the toxic numbers of your birth and new harmonious/prosperous frequencies imprinted to give you the opportunity of a much happier life and more fortunate events and attractions whether they be in business, relationships, happiness, or any other area.

    The changes you may experience may be instantaneous or they may be long term or they may be both instantaneous and longterm. It is expected that all changes will be on a long term basis since your whole "life-energy" will have changed.

    You will now be able to watch and see and experience what it is like to be "without" the "weight and hindrances" of the toxic numbers of your birth. Those numbers and frequencies will have been permanently deleted.

    This protocol: $670.00

    •  #15 Birth Damage: Delete Birth Damage Imprints & Frequencies and IMPRINT New Birth Harmonies. 

    Many things happen to most people when they are born. The traumatization to the baby new to the world is at the least devastating. Brought from a warm safe environment into a cold, sterile, loud, obstetrics unit in a hospital with brilliant lighting, sharp needles sticking in their pure bodies, injected with deadly chemicals and vaccines creating a post traumatic stress syndrome reaction to their tiny bodies and putting their entire new born being in a fight or fight defense mode. This is the way it begins and this follows them through their lives. Millions of people suffer with problems in their health and life due to what happens to them during this "unnatural traumatic" birth process. The way anything begins is the blueprint for its entire life whether it is a business deal or a newborn baby.


    The Birth Damage Imprint Deletion erases all of these devastating beginnings, harmonizes the effects, and imprints a New Harmony for the rest of your life. This is a wonderful procedure for the newborn, a child, or the adult to erase the negative beginnings of life that are forced upon most newborns.


    My experience with this process have been amazing, and women have reported amazing and even instantaneous changes in themselves from the deletion of imprints of brutal surgeries done on them (included in this process) to remove the child prematurely to the effects on their child/children after the frequencies of toxic vaccination poisons, bright lights, and shock experience have been deleted.


    This Protocol: $730


    • #16 Genetics Beyond Genetics 

    There are 4 realms of Genetic Frequencies. There is the physical realm and then there are the 3 non-physical realms.

    The first realm relates to the physical being(who you are).

    The second realm relates to relationships.

    The third realm relates to your life blueprint.

    The fourth realm relates to the physical body.

    Each of these realms is a Design of "what can happen" in each of these realms and each of these areas of life and being. Each of these "genetic levels" is a blueprint of "what can happen" (not what will happen) as a reaction to outside stimulus from the "outer world."

    If there is a predisposition to various diseases, to bad relationships, to chaotic life situations, to poverty, emotional conflicts, etc., then stimulus from the outside world can create an emergence of these situations in your being and life.

    The Physical Realm is basically a code of who your are, what you are, why you are, and perhaps more.

    The second realm of relationships has much to determine much about what relationships you will have and what you will experience in them in life as you "react" to outside influences. You will probably act or react in certain ways to whoever enters your life in relation to the codes imprinted in your genetic realms. It may appear that you are creating these things in your life, but basically you are reacting to stimulus.

    The third realm is a blueprint of codes of how you will react to the situations of life and the people who come into your life and of course combines with the other realms of genetic codes to form a complex puzzle of who you think you are as you basically "react" to life's outer influences.

    The fourth realm of the physical body offers you a blueprint of what you will probably experience when certain outside influences enter your life; of how you will experience them and how they will affect you as symptoms of diseases, accidents, dietary habits, weight problems, and the experiences of your physical body and health.


    This Protocol: $1520.